Saturday, February 5, 2011

stab me!

This falls under the category of things one doesn't want to do: spend a couple hours photocopying about 200 pp. of an 1882 reference-only book to find (when looking for an easily downloadable citation for Endnote) that the entire frakkin' 700 hundred+ pp. of it has been digitized by an internet library project.*  Ugh!!!!!

Just now, in the space of maybe 2 minutes max, I was able to download the entire book (for free) as a searchable pdf. So I'm really happy and really po'd at myself. Back to the trenches.
*My problem is that I tried to get it through google books, which as been a life-saver of late where old govt. docs and reports are concerned, and when they didn't have it, I carted myself onto campus to photocopy it. Didn't even think to look for it in some other digital format. Boohiss. And that has nothing to do with the photo. It is just one of many photos I took in various venues over the holidays and have been too busy/distracted/lame to post. This was taken on my iPhone. Oh and the last post, wherein I was headed into the library? They were closed for the break. So I ended up having to go in on the second day of the new semester. Thank goodness for my library carrel.

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