Saturday, January 22, 2011

sunny saturday, but I am library bound

I spent about 5 hours on campus yesterday. First, I met with a former grad student in our department whose photographs of his diss. fieldwork in PNG are just incredible and will form the basis for an exhibit next year. Then I met with HL, who is going to start inventorying the collection with which she'll be working as part of her thesis. Then I had coffee with Chair, and then with MGC (whom I've seen a lot of lately, and who is kicking my butt on Words with Friends).*  Then, I spent most of the afternoon in the library, where I note that there are many (many) crazy &/or homeless-looking people (or are they just retired profs?)  playing solitaire on the reference computers. Most of my time was spent down in the basement stacks (where I located only half of what I need), then I headed up to read in my carrel. Have to head back there today, because I have a zillion photocopies to make from reference books and old bound periodicals which are illegally caged in my carrel--which at least during the winter break, is a surprisingly okay place to work.  Did I say how happy I am to see the sun?  What a mood-changer.

*Now this is a shock. A shock (even though I've had trays and trays of vowels [only] through all three of my games thus far, I can still tell he's a great strategist and worthy partner. Yay!)

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