Thursday, February 10, 2011

TH has a birthday

TH turned another year older on the 8th. Since we are both on sabbatical and can do such things in the middle of the week, we went to his childhood stomping grounds for a hike. The wind was just hell here (as in really bad for my allergies). We had lunch in M.Valley's quaint downtown, hiked around Mt. T., then down to the beach, where a cute dog insisted we indulge his fetch obssesion). After walking the beach, we headed back over the mountain to dinner at the Mexican cantina that used to be owned by Carlos Santana. (It didn't do so well under his ownership and was resold to the original owners--who nonetheless kept some of its mid-career charm but seriously improved the food). By the time he had polished off two margaritas (I know--a real role reversal) and a big dinner, the traffic had subsided and we were able to make the drive back to Windy City for a Day in no time at all. It was a lovely get away. Wish we could afford to live there. 




P said...

Sounds lovely (and now I'm hungry)!

Happy Birthday to TH!

rented life said...

Happy belated! Looks like a lovely time!

Anthea said...

Stunning It looks really familiar and I think that I've visited this region of the world.