Monday, July 5, 2010

3rd blogoversary and 4th photos

In the spirit of my first blog post, here are few scenes from our Fourth of July celebration: a very casual pool party and bbq with a few colleagues from our two departments, followed by pyrotechnics street-side. I'll NEVER ever understand why our state allows this--but it does--and for TH, this is just an irresistible opportunity to blow (up) some $.  For me, it always brings back great memories of my really early childhood, because my dad also loved to do this kind of thing. He was really a rock star when it came to making memories for the four of us kids:  family barbeques with our cousins on the 4th of July--followed by a long evening of playing with sparklers and setting-off firecrackers that are probably illegal everywhere by now, camping trips in Yellowstone highlighted by unruly bear and clueless-moose visits to our campsites, lots of vacationing in places--like Ouray, Colo. and Bull Shoals, Ark.--where he could trout-fish and then let us safely run-amok in the shallow rocky streams, while he filleted the catch of the day, cross-country road trips that were really all-night driving marathons, with we four siblings stretched out in sleeping bags in the rear of the station wagon (seats all folded down) falling asleep while stargazing in the Badlands or the Smoky Mountains or the Grand Tetons--this after a long day of playing the license plate game and asking 6 zillion times "are we there yet?"  Good times, all.
Wishing a happy & relaxing summer of roadtrips to those of you stopping by...


rented life said...

Is that your backyard? It looks absolutely lovely. We don't have the space, or the money, to overhaul our back yard but I love seeing what other people do because it gives me ideas.

Happy blogoversary!

auto ethnographer said...

Yes, it is. We didn't have a pool when our kids were young; probably a good idea as we met other kids at the local pools we belonged to (plus, I didn't have to worry about safety issues 24/7). But, I do love having one now.