Wednesday, July 21, 2010

checking things off the list, part I

On the museum front:

Proctored grad student’s qualifying exams and sent copies off to the appropriate cyber places for review.

While exam was underway, cleaned up the museum computer desktop, documents, and shared drive (now home to just about everything, making it easy to replace the old clunker we’ve had for the last 7+ years).

Walked slide projector and cart w/overhead projector back to media services. The overhead projector has been “checked out” to the department and/or museum (not sure which) since well before I was hired. It’s been used ONCE in all that time. It is amazing how much floor space that freed up.

Identified and tagged a bunch of odds and ends that can be sent off to the surplus warehouse. This was inspired by inheriting a 4-drawer lateral file cabinet from our department office that I can use to consolidate office supplies and museum props. The surplus furniture is yet to be hauled away, but it will be before the summer is out. Last order of the day? Changed the entry code to the museum lab.

Returned 21 (more) artifacts that we’ve had on permanent and/or long-term loan (we’re talking 1965, for most of these). Lending institution is not particularly happy to be getting this stuff back, but we have stored it—for free—for 45 long and crowded years. Do you hear me cheering “more room to unpack more stuff of highly dubious value that my predecessor—the grand acquisitor—agreed to accept and then left boxed up once in receipt?"

No, you do not.
Not this year.

Week before: Saw "Mrs. Warren's Profession." 
Opened sabbatical-themed wine at pre-performance picnic. Not bad! (but not nearly as good as the play).

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