Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stay tuned

I have good things to report, really I do. But they'll just have to wait, because right now--I'm trying to survive the latest round of gunk being passed around my department and building. I lived through the first week of classes (not to mention a workshop the week before) only to come down with chills and a raging sore throat on Friday afternoon. Onset? Exactly one hour after I was finished teaching. The weekend? Shot to hell with coughing literally night and day. MGC just told me that he was getting this crap too, but took nightquil (sp?), which seems to have stopped it in its tracks. Gah. I should have done the same. By Monday morning it had morphed into a nasty head cold. I ran onto campus barely 20 minutes before my noon class and left as soon as it was over. Tomorrow--more of the same.  But the prep is done, and it's not a first or third Wednesday (hence, no committee meeting--woohoo).


pocha said...

Gah indeed. Hope you're feeling better.

auto ethnographer said...

Thanks; I'm feeling much better today.