Sunday, January 31, 2010

congrats--just for the nominations, ya know?

We are watching the Grammy pre-telecast on the web and hoping that MP2's college jazz program gets due recognition for simply being nominated in categories 11 and 45. I'm sure he's watching from UNT (where he plays in the Four O'Clock Lab Band) and holding out hope for category 45. Crossing my fingers, but happy for the One O'Clock Lab Band, either way. Many congratulations.


Anonymous said...

They were on the pre-tel thingy. I signed on about 10min too late to watch (just got out of a rehearsal) They didn't win...I wasn't expecting them to, but it was cool anyway!

auto ethnographer said...


Anonymous said...

You should see the grammy after-party pics, they are crazy! the band got pictures of or with a ton of cazy celebrity's - from basketball stars to tayor swift to weird al