Friday, February 5, 2010

almost a full house, definitely an attentive one!

I  am in class, showing the film Warrior Marks. I didn't announce this film ahead of time, but  I still have about 120 of the 140 students in attendance. This on a Friday. Interestingly enough, there is only 1 laptop open (besides mine!), and I sort of think that even if that student is on FB, he is posting about the film. I will deconstruct some of the film's discourse on Monday and try to help students think past the seemingly obvious human rights and feminist argument to the nuances of cultural rights;  but meanwhile, I am pleased that there is something out there that will grab their attention on this Friday afternoon. I personally own this film, but haven't screened it in a classroom setting for about 4 years--mostly because it is tough to jam it into a 50 minute class (have to fast forward through some of it).

Twenty-five minutes in, and not a soul has tried to exit the front or back door.

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pocha23 said...

I love that you wrote a blog post during class. This makes you all the more awesome to me.

Film sounds interesting, too. And I'd definitely probably say something on FB about it ;-)