Saturday, May 9, 2009

Art, art, art

This afternoon, we went to the Second Saturday Art Walk. Had tapas at one of our favorite restaurants and then proceeded to discover some new (to us) galleries. One was a cooperative affair with mini-studio/gallery spaces leased by about 20 (?) different artists (from jewelers to ceramicists to painters). We bought NONE of their work, however, because on Monday night I dropped a very pretty penny on a mixed media piece that was part of the silent auction at the dinner/fund-raiser we went to with colleagues. I'd been wanting to buy some art by famous California Indian artist and amazingly enough, here was one of his pieces from 1992 and no one matched my minimum bid. The food and company was excellent, but the painting made it even better. So today, we just window shopped. And walked and walked and walked. Which sort of makes up for the nachos, quesadillas, and 3 pitchers of margaritas that TH, new Chair, new grad mom and hubby, MFW, CD and I downed in a post-department picnic celebration at nearby restaurant. You'd have thought it was the end of the semester. And yet we've got to survive another week of class, and then finals. Gah. Anyway, here is a crappy iPhone image of the painting (which I'm trying out in various spots around the house). I should be ashamed of myself for uploading such a no/low res photo of a great piece of art...but I have other stuff to blog about and doubt I could find my cables to download a real photo anyway...
You'll just have to trust me or come by and see it in person. I still want to buy one of his big colorful oil canvases. But this will keep me very happy for now.

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