Friday, May 8, 2009

News from NT

Sending kudos out to MP2 who, today, passed his upper divisional jury in classical sax. Classical sax--which MP2 claims is an oxymoron--has been the bane of his college career thus far. Happily, it is all about jazz from here on out. More good news I've been too busy to blog about: several weeks ago, he was awarded a College of Music scholarship that will reduce his tuition to in-state level. Yahoo! Very nice. Finally, around the same time, he sent a hilarious email. It really cracked me up and I've been meaning to post it. This is catching-up-on-the-blog weekend, so here we go:
"Easter round these parts is interesting. Students walk around with crosses 3 times bigger then their body, and just about every conversation turns into a " let's make fun of people who 'believe' in the big bang theory."
Welcome to the buckle of the Bible belt.

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