Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation Celebration

These are just a few photos from this past Saturday, when MFW's family (who flew in from far and wide), friends and faculty gathered here in honor of her graduation and hooding.

Most of these shots are from the first half-hour, as
I got busy with the oven and grill after that and
forgot to take pictures until dinner was ready.

Speaking of grills, here are two of the grill-mates talking to LF.

Through the prospectus hoop, he's next in line.
(In fact, I'm sure he's home writing some brilliance
even as we "speak.") Notice the jacket he is wearing.
It was left at the house and I tried, for at least 3 days
afterwards, to repatriate it to MFW's fa-in-law.

Miss Woo happy in her new yellow lei.

M's twin nephew and niece get piano lessons.

Miss W. refuses to be seduced by a damned piano.

Finally getting to eat: the new MA, her mom, & SPH. Notice
how they have accidentally saved me a seat, which I
promptly occupied.

Almost time for the toast.

Champagne pouring and distribution: father on the left,
fa-in-law on the right, happy grad in between.

Cake cutting. It was all champagne and
sugar-high happiness from here on out.


the cheerful pessimist said...

The Pessimist-Beloved family thank you for showcasing their Woo! (And for leaving Cheerful OUT of the photos, extra thanks!)

Whee! MFW looks gorgeous. Her family were lovely people.

the cheerful pessimist said...
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Auto Ethnographer said...

Yes, she does look gorgeous. I want her eyebrows and lashes. And shoes. So, on other matters, how does a commenter delete his/or her own comments once they are posted? I'm sure blogger has an FAQ that would tell me, but I am much more interested in the commenter telling me. HAHA!

the cheerful pessimist said...

Erm, well...after you make a comment, you look at the comment, and it has a weeny weeny trashcan next to it.

Click on the trashcan.

The, erm, residue of your comment will remain (as you can see by the duplicate comment I deleted), but the comment itself - POOF.

Now. Where are we going to dinner?

Auto Ethnographer said...

Very cool. I've never noticed the trash can. I have to check it out when I post this. As to restaurants, I'll send out some ideas by email.

participant-observer said...

You're all too kind. The lashes and brows are from my mom, but the shoes are from nordy's rack.

We had such a great time with everyone! Thanks, TAC.