Thursday, May 29, 2008

07-08 is done, folks!

Alrighty. The semester is now officially over! I've completed the assessment report for the GE course for which I am coordinator, and while I'm sure the assessment police will ask me for something more--from my perspective, it's over and out until Fall. I burned a CD with 57 section reports, averages by course, by semesters, and for the last five years (overall). They've got graphs and sample questions, and some drivel about what all of this might mean (beyond the waste of 3 days of my time). Tonight, I'm having an entirely self-indulgent mojito-driven celebration of the completion of the semester, the arrival of writing-time (not that I really want to return to that this very minute, but I've got a deadline), and the promotion of my very deserving and hardworking colleagues. It's a new day in Dodge, folks. Yahoo! Stay tuned for photos of MFW clan and party!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy those Mojitos!!! You certainly deserve them in buckets!

the cheerful pessimist said...

Hee! I celebrated by helping my sister chaperone 30-odd fourth-graders to Sutter's Fort and the State Indian Museum. I'd never been (which is embarrassing). A fine way to spend an afternoon.