Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Writing Grindstone Calls

Sunday hike along the neighborhood river (photo courtesy of MP1's iPhone).
I really need someone to come over here and slap me into writing. Really, I do. It is amazingly difficult to decompress from the entire academic year in the space of a few days, but I have got to shift gears and get busy with a couple manuscripts. I spent the day doing penance (sp. ?) for last night's rich, but delicious dinner. This morning, the four of us went to midtown for a light brunch (took us a longtime to wake up and then to work up an appetite). Afterwards, MP1 came over and joined me and H. for a long hike along the river, and then yours truly spent another 45 minutes at the gym in the late afternoon. I ought to be ready to jump right into my writing, but I keep thinking a trip to Carmel or Half Moon Bay or SB would really help. Since that's not going to happen, let's hope for some divine inspiration between tonight and tomorrow morning. Sigh.


the cheerful pessimist said...

It worries me, how low the river levels are. Should I be worried?

Mmmm, Carmel. Haven't been in a couple of years! What a nice thought.

Um, sorry. I'll be writing later today, so you're not alone.

Dan said...

Motivation can be hard to muster and hard to hang on to! Of course, I seem to have plenty of motivation to do the optional, just not enough to do the required!

Thanks for your visit to my blog. thanks for your kind comments!