Saturday, February 16, 2008

Laptop Nightmares

My Toshiba laptop (purchased in July 2005) seems to be on the blink. Either that, or it is in the clutches of evil forces that none of the virus detectors or other diagnostic tools can find. Freezes on start-up, etc. I've downloaded most of my files on to flashdrives, so I guess it's not the crisis I first thought, but is it true that Macs don't have these problems? Or get sick? To make the switch from PC to Mac, or not? That is the question. The university is about to buy me a new computer, which will also be a laptop (but not a Mac--due to budgetary issues), so I'd have to think about how big a pain in the neck it will be to go back and forth between those. Hmm.


Anastasia said...

i had a deep hatred for macs instilled in me at a young age.

participant-observer said...

i go back and forth; not a big deal at all. and the mac runs SO MUCH FASTER than the ol' PC

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a MAC this time around -- I just have to find the pricing that our dept. will accept. I'm doing the iMac, leopard, 10.5 OS. Apparently if we buy "parallels" -- a software program for about 70 bucks we can RUN BOTH OS's simultaneously not just on boot up which is what happens if one only has "boot camp".