Monday, February 11, 2008

Cough Drop and Theraflu Diet

I'm still sick, sick, sick. Yuck. And I find it fascinating that even while napping to HGTV and the Food Channel all day, I have no appetite (there is NOTHING worthwhile on regular daytime TV and I cannot concentrate on my seminar readings for more than three coughs in a row--the new temporal unit of measure). I'm sure the menthol in the Vick's cough drops is the guilty taste suppressant. Plus, MP1 insisted I try theraflu, so I've made myself drink that awful stuff for the last two nights (it tastes a lot like Koolaid on steroids--only hot). Speaking of MP1, she made me very happy yesterday (which wasn't easy given my feverish-self) by telling me that she had joined a Facebook group of alums from her all-girls HS in support of Hillary. And best of all, it was formed by two of her closest friends. Yay. The tuition $ continues to pay off. And the Catholicism? Well, ya know, she learned a lot of world history through that framework. Actually, I guess [male saint] High School doles out a LOT of history. One year of world history, followed by two years of AP American history (freshman year I think they took world geography), PLUS 4 years of theology, ethics, and humanism alongside it--all in a historical and philosophical context). Didn't change her ramrod rationalist nature (that's in the DNA on her father's maternal side), but it did help her to learn about social justice issues and feminism. Money well spent. Of course, many young women "get" what is at stake in this election through the subtle and not-so-subtle lived-experiences and side-bars of partriarchy. All the better.

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