Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lime Tree

While himself is struggling to finish his syllabus, I'm watching the Screen Actor's Guild Awards and trying not to gloat. This is such a change in work patterns; I'm usually the one knocking myself out all hours of the night for work. Not tonight, for once. But then he's teaching so some other person can have release time for advising work, so I should have sympathy, I guess.

The storm of a couple weeks ago had its way with our little lime sapling, stripping the leaves completely off a couple of the newer branches. It is really pathetic-looking now. BUT, all hope is not lost. Today I went out and discovered that a single bud is still clinging to life. Yay! I hope it makes it to maturity. AND, the last ballots are in from this address. Three for three. Not bad.

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Anonymous said...

yay! I'm am happy for both the little lime tree and the ballots :-)