Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Executive Decisions

Menu for the Over Forty Soccer Superbowl Shindig

Beer, Sangria, Wine
Chips w/homemade salsa & guacamole
Opal's Chili
J.'s Vegetarian Chili
On the grill: tequila lime chicken
On the griddle: made to order cheese or chicken quesadillas
Corn and basil casserole
Spinach, apple, and cranberry salad
Special delivery dessert

Chili-cooking & freezing on Thursday, Sagria-making and chicken marinating on Saturday. Minor prep on Sunday. And we're done!! (and I still don't know who is playing). It is clearly all about the cooking, eating and drinking (even for himself, I suspect).


MP2 said...

Vegetarian Chili...I had some of that the other day...not bad at all! What was really great though, was the vegetarian buger! The patties were mostly made out of bean (i think) but it was probably the best burger i have had here!

Auto Ethnographer said...

Nice-and they're much better for you, too. I'll go online and find some good chili outlet in Dallas or Houston that mail orders and you can pop it in the dorm microwave some weekend.