Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random Photos from the Opening

These are in no particular order (click to enlarge). The lighting in both the pictures and the museum is not so great (it's the fault of those gray-green walls), but the show is DONE. Now I just have to keep it open. MGC is going to be responsible for T/TH and I will try to manage W/F. Thanks again to all the students who helped me get this exhibit installed. I'm exhausted, but pretty happy with the end result. Coverage by two different TV channels is not bad, though I managed to miss their airing last night. Instead, MF-W and I were both basking in Margaritaville, which we decided was the only way to close out opening day.

And finally, the best view I could find at Sunday's Board Meeting. I'm going to think about this natural beauty while I suffer through 2 hours worth of Affirmative Action training required of me because I am chairing our search committee. As if I haven't already worked a full semester's worth of time, here, the second week of October.

Redwood Tree, Sydney's Backyard

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