Thursday, October 11, 2007

After and Before (In that Order)

It has been a full week since I sliced my thumb open with an x-acto knife. At the time, I was trimming foamcore, and generally working non-stop on the Museum's current exhibit. It was the third (and final) wound, but it was a bloody mess that I sort of cleaned, adhesive-taped-up, and had to keep using. Now that the exhibit is open, I'm throwing myself a very truncated pity-party (its going to leave a lovely scar, isn't it?). Okay, done. At anyrate, here are the "after" photos (had to hold on to the ironing board to keep my hand still).

I promised MP2 that I would post photos of our new fence (they are finishing up today), so that he can see this little home improvement project from afar (poor thing, he's been sick as a dog and stuck in his dorm room for a week--only emerging to get canned soup from the 7-11 on the weekend--when the cafeteria is closed---and to take his mid-terms. He's feeling much better now, though, I'm happy to say). Here is the "before" picture of the front fence. I think I'll have an after photo ready when I come home from work.

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