Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lucky Me

I have such a faithful and competent cadre of undergrad and grad student volunteers who are helping to get this show up and ready for Monday's opening reception. We made incredible progress yesterday--about six of us (including myself and MGC) all working non-stop when not in class or teaching. A reporter from the local newspaper came in early to interview MGC and then came back around 10:00 or 11:00 to take photographs of the installation process. That story should be published tomorrow or Monday. These two (pictured below) got all the so-called Indian-speak terms up as the wall border--and the finished product looks even better than MGC and I had conceptualized, in part, because the student on the left (who took this component of the exhibit on as her personal project), found "Western" themed fonts that could be downloaded and then created a good pattern of alternating fonts and words.

By the end of the day, two of the four floor cases were fully installed and locked. Thank goodness MF-W has had some experience with these from her show last Fall, because she just took on this task with MGC and I was free to work on other projects. Whew. When we left last night, MGC was looking pretty happy--his vision is coming to life in ways I don't think he had fully imagined. So nice to see this happen. I felt relaxed enough to go have a delicious dinner with friends at a brand new (for me) restaurant in the foothills...great wine, food and conversation. Nice to get out of town and into some fresh and chilly air. Today will be another marathon Saturday, but I think I'm going to sleep tonight.

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participant-observer said...

"MGC was looking pretty happy" more like drunk with curatorial power, but the show is really coming together!