Thursday, October 4, 2007

All Work, No Play...

but a nice evening of baking last night. MP1 and I spent a few hours pretending like we didn't have lots of other things to do and baked a few loaves of pumpkin bread. One loaf is en route to Houston, another is headed to Indiana, and the rest is going to work tomorrow. Speaking of work, we are definitely counting down, only 4 days left till opening. I'd like to say that we are "on schedule," but we aren't quite. However, if we keep up the same pace we have for the last 4 weeks (and that would be 25/8), we might just be ready. I will be out of town at a board meeting on Sunday, so I'm hoping to wrap on Saturday.

There has been way too much drama the last couple days. Yesterday, one of my interns had her backpack stolen by a pretty brazen thief. He came all the way into the museum lab and retrieved it from practically the otherside of the room. Leaving the way he came in (but going out the back building door), MGC spotted his exit from the lab as he was returning from the main building. I was in a meeting across campus when it happened, and by the time I got back, the guilty party had already tried to use her credit card. The police came and did a full report--it was probably a student, but still, how many people actually know how to find their way through those hallways? Its just infuriating and depressing how much trouble this has caused my intern. Then, today, I cut myself twice with the damned x-acto knife--the second time was really a mess. I had to go get help in the office (with our lame first aid kit). It might or might not need stitches. I'm hoping for the latter as I don't really have time to visit the ER. Plus, tomorrow I have to trim a piece of foam core 58 inches long (the exhibit title), so I'm hoping my sliced and diced up thumb makes a miraculous recovery tonite. Thanks to all you guys who have been helping with and without course credit or anything remotely called "free time" in your schedules. You already know I couldn't get this show open without you.

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