Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new and improved...

method for reviewing and marking grad theses: inking those suckers on my tablet portege. 

I've decided that particular laptop is worth its weight in gold (even though other things about it are less than perfect).

On Sunday and Monday, I signed off  on 2 theses for which I am serving as 1st reader.* Sunday's thesis, I read and commented upon in early February (and again in April, after another round of revisions) using my standard track changes mode.**  The other thesis I reviewed and marked on my tablet just a few weeks ago. Yesterday, even the student commented on how helpful it was for her to work with that, versus trying to track changes from several reviewers.  So I'm sold (even though it is going to take some more practice learning to write my legible-best on the screen).

* in one or another coffee shop "office"; I may be working with grad students while on sabbatical, but I'm not going into the actual office to do it.
** 2 graduation cycles later, 2nd reader finally got around to reading it for a first time. 

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