Monday, November 29, 2010

back to real life

So, the holiday weekend is over. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and the table overflowing with good food and conversation. So nice to gather with the usual feastday fictive kin and see how all the kids have changed (and how the adults have not--to wit: all the reminders to "draw first" and "discard last"). This year,  MP2 won the card-game-on-steroids at somewhere around 1:30 a.m. Texas-time. A chorus of hallelujahs immediately filled the air. By then, the baby in the bunch had been asleep for hours, the pre-teen girls had won and lost all the property on Park Place (interesting conversation coming out of that huddle), and at least half of the parental units were glazed over (which did not apparently stop one of them from discarding the very card MP2 needed in order to close out the night). Good sports all around though. Thanks again to the hostesses. And now, back to the business at hand. Later, a post on thesis reviewing, signing, and sabbatical-ing at home.


P said...

Glad you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I love how you wrote this post, too :-)

auto ethnographer said...

Hope yours was good, too. What with that nice new kitchen and all...:)