Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've been neglecting the blogsphere--getting lots of work done on behalf of myself and others (congrats to grad student who completed her thesis prospectus--3 cheers!; and good luck to colleague applying for an award for which I penned a reference from afar--I'm crossing my fingers for you). TH was here last weekend (drove down with me on Thursday and then caught a ride back home with one of our colleagues who was in SoCal for a concert and driving home on Sunday).  We had a great time--more about that later.

I logged on to post this photo. It rained yesterday for the first time since I've been living here. It was very nice. BUT, I went out to my car to go have dinner with a colleague in nearby college town and there were at least two of these HUGE and scary-looking bugs by my car. What in god's name are they? (Besides icky, icky, icky??) And  I was wearing sandals. Eeeewwww!