Wednesday, September 22, 2010

whining, cheering, etc.

Whining...first, I am really disappointed when graduate students  lie, as in claim to one of my colleagues that I have recommended she edit a thesis (for free, no less). 

In fact, what I suggested "in the strongest possible manner" was that student HIRE a professional editor. I even pointed out where student could locate flyers advertising editorial services for thesis writers and suggested bartering services--since student has a skill. I've never done this before (signed off as reader, but qualified my signature with this recommendation, since I doubt the document will be signed off on by our grad director, however much we ALL want this student to move on). It was a very well-intentioned, well-meaning, and carefully-phrased piece of advice. This is not a content issue; it is a writing issue. "You can lead a horse to water..." Whatever. This cliche reminds me of a little book that MP2's preschool published. It was full of hilarious cliches and idiomatic expressions in which the teachers asked the 3-4 yr. olds to finish a statement. One was "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it ___________."  The preschooler who got that one (not sure it was MP2)* said "mow the lawn." That version works here, too.

Cheering...I am always excited when one of my grad students is developing a new and exciting thesis project. Makes me feel like this trip home was well worth it.

I need to call Whole Paycheck catering and order the tray I agreed to take to colleague's memorial service...48 hours advanced notice--gotta jump on that.

And then, I am going to catch up on my own stuff. I hope, hope, hope.

*I do remember one of MP2's pre-K responses. It appeared in the preschool graduation program and cracked everyone up.  Before the event, all the "graduates" were asked: "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  So there alongside, "fireman,"  "chef," and "banker," was MP2's answer:  "a man."

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MP1 said...

I remember you telling me his answer-so funny and very cute!