Wednesday, September 1, 2010

nit noi

I woke up in such a good mood this morning. I sent my small-potatoes-piece (SPP) off yesterday around 5 pm (and today, I found all the mistakes—that is a rule, you know—the tortured prose and goofy typos just highlight themselves all on their own once a ms. is gone from one’s hands). And I am oh so happy to move on to my sabbatical project, because it is not (so much) about depressing socio-historical events and conditions. In celebration of finishing one thing—which was in an inordinate amount of work—and moving on to something else I really want to do—I treated myself to two evening walks, with Thai take-out sandwiched in between.

The first walk was an exhilarating stroll through the fog (which rolled in early yesterday evening) to the Thai place, and the second was penance for the Pad Thai--a nice brisk walk round the block, and then down and back up side street hill.

"Fatso"  in the sun on Saturday afteroon...(click to enlarge)

...and all fogged in yesterday evening.

I spent a lot of today doing things like watering plants, throwing out all the notes for/debris from SPP (not enough for a bonfire), eating the rest of the pad thai, filing away books and archival docs, uploading some images to FB (finally), and hiking. I have a zillion places I want to visit—because this setting is just choc-a-bloc with natural beauty and places to enjoy it.

Today, I hiked in flip-flops (blister on my right heel—so my shoes are in temp retirement) through a monarch sanctuary and down to the south end of the bay to the edge the estuary. Sandy soil is pretty damned hard to hike through, and it was really warm today—so I decided not to go over the sand spit to the ocean. Another day; another reward for another writing milestone. Tomorrow—I’ll hike to a little bird watching spot on the bay for my break. Oh, and wifi is free at starbux here. Who’d have thought?

sandspit from estuary

and above

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