Friday, September 3, 2010

as predicted...

...I am rolling right along now that I'm working on my sabbatical project. Yesterday I didn't leave the house, except on foot (long walks when I hit a good thinking point OR start losing focus). The whole day I worked on paring down the big pile of literature I have to get through. Brainstorming and making outlines for various sections of the article (mostly lit review) on OneNote (which is SUCH a fanstastic tool, truly).  I have my statement of purpose written on a white board that sits right by the tv (yes, I brought a white board with me!) and it reminds me to go, go, go.

I'm out and about a little this morning. This is such a small town, people are remarkably friendly and my kind of people. (I guess that makes sense. I'm in a beach town, and just a few miles away from a university town.) I've had a busy day so far. Repair person came to the house this morning to install a closet door (prearranged by M/MH), I bought new reading glasses (I am lazy and don't want to wear contacts for long periods of reading) and loaded up on bandaids and sports tape (for my happily blistered heels), I've done some email advising for one of my grad students, some laundry, and now here I sit at Starbux enjoying pumpkin muffin and dark roast AND another article.  Sometimes I just need to be around people.  But TH will be here soon, so I am looking forward to showing him around and heading up to nearby alternative beach town, which I have not been to as yet, because I thought it would be fun to do together. So, back to work after one more quick post.

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