Friday, September 10, 2010

animal life

TH was here over the long holiday weekend and we had a great time, running around to 3 different beaches, eating out way too much (but o.m.g.--such delicious clam chowder, fresh fish, etc.). There goes any little bit of weight I might have lost walking these hills and beaches the week before! But, it was really fun to see more of the area with him in tow. Yesterday I shelled and read at the beach--no fog in sight--I couldn't resist. But today, well, today I have a full slate of reading and note-taking chores that simply must get done. Except for walks around the neighorhood hills, I am NOT going to make the 3 mile drive to the beach until it is time for the sun to set. That will be my reward for keeping my nose to the grindstone today.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the local fauna (click to enlarge):

Sea Lion

dive bomber on the left

fog and hawk
Cat house of a different sort!
Brown Pelican

 (mentally rotate 90 degrees ccw)

sea otter

My favorite is the pelican. Yours?

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