Saturday, March 6, 2010

waiting game

I am waiting for a high school student from the foothills to interview me by phone about "my career." I originally agreed to do this in person, on campus, during the work-week. Then yesterday, she changed her story to "well, I can't come down before the assignment is due Monday (hello? you contacted me on Thursday), so how about by phone this weekend?"  Gah! I agreed to this (because I am crazy),  but only if it happened on Saturday morning at a time I emailed back to her. She wrote last night that she would call at that time and thanked me profusely. Yet here I sit, and she is 7 minutes late calling already. How she got my name is beyond me.

I am also working on exhibit-related graphics this morning. This tag (below) was in a group I scanned yesterday for my students to use. I am not yet sure that it relates to the collection we are working with, but it is--by far--my favorite. I think it dates to late 19th century. Isn't it cool? As always, you can click on the image to enlarge.


pocha said...

A high school student prefers the phone to Facebook (or at least the Internet)? Tres bizarre. Hope she finally called!!

auto ethnographer said...

She did call. Sent an email about 4hours late (clearly written by a parent) apologizing profusely and calling herself "very irresponsible." Pretty funny. She did her "interview" at 7:30 on Saturday night.