Friday, March 19, 2010

to prove I'm still alive

As is usual for this time of the year, I am beyond overloaded with exhibit development, committee meetings, midterms, etc. I look longing at my colleagues who only show up to teach, complain because they have to come on campus more than 2 days a week (!!),  and serve on maybe one or two committees at the departmental level.  I want their jobs. While I'm neglecting this blog, I'm blogging almost daily at another site (and under a different pseudonym) that represents my latest experiment in holding students accountable to each other for group projects and lab hours. Each of them maintains a blog linked to my primary course blog on museum methods. I think it has been a pretty effective strategy for managing this class and project. Rented Life--I caught your recent post on group work via my RSS feed and wanted to respond; stay tuned and I'll go into more detail when I hit Spring break--I'm hoping to snare at least ONE day of that for something not entirely job-related!  I actually took this past Saturday off from work and have photos to prove it.

Captions top to bottom:
1)We promised MP1 a new cello case maybe two Xmas ago and she finally found the one she wanted (BAM).
2) Blossom in the un-named strings store parking lot
3) Lunch view! Note to self--must find beach or bay house!


participant-observer said...

I vote a beach house. We just spent a week in FL and it was great! I did absolutely nothing related to school!

auto ethnographer said...

I vote for the beach too, just not sure the pocketbook can take it. We shall see. So where in FL did you guys go? Post some pics to fb or the blog! Go ahead and make us jealous.