Thursday, December 17, 2009

recitals and randomness

MP1 at grad recital last Friday--and then, a repeat of Brahms at the close of the String Project Recital on Monday evening (below)...

The U. president came to this event, which made some people very, very happy--though the kiddie musicians couldn't have cared less, I'm quite sure.

MP1 tries to get the cellists seated and settled...

It was a great recital--better than last year's I think.

And now we have two random outdoor scenes. TH and I went for Thai food 2 days ago & saw these guys scaling and hanging out in trees downtown.

I posted this to FB out-of-focus image of the teeniest bit of snow in our front yard. We got a couple really hard freezes right after this, so our citrus trees are well and truly shot.

And now, I'm off to give the first of my finals. I'm hoping to get them graded before tomorrow's (which is entirely scantron-based). And a good thing, too, since MP1 graduates tomorrow (and TH has talked her into walking at Commencement--something I think she agreed to only because she'll be hooded in pink ;) and I've done almost NO Christmas shopping. Gah.

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