Thursday, December 10, 2009

party pics

Tis the season of parties, 2 last weekend (iPh*ne pics from the non-obligatory one below), another this weekend, with MP1's recital and reception thrown in tomorrow evening for extra good measure. Today is my last class of the semester and it is all student presentations. I'm having lunch with MGC, then heading to an art history lecture, then doing a (very) brief guest lecture in a senior seminar in another department. Tonight and tomorrow morning I plan to grade all the assignments (undergrad essays and grad portfolios) turned in during today's class. Then tomorrow, I'll make up the final for that class, pick up party trays and cakes for MP1's recital, and head to our last faculty meeting of the semester. Lucky lucky me, I'll be leaving it early to go to set up for the reception (but I'm sure someone will fill me in on all the "fun").
"artist at work on green snow man"

gallery of "old masters"

Miss Good Eyelashes teething on my iPh*ne case (minus phone)

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