Sunday, September 27, 2009


I need a chorus of hallelujahs. Between my own deadlines and those of my grad students, it has been one heck of a busy month in the writing and editing department. Two sets of revisions for these two students over the course of the last couple weeks (3 in total, since I actually saw their first drafts back in May).
Cranking out the prospectus is a long process, and always more work than anyone expects (remember back to your own grad school days, when you imagined that getting done with your required seminars was the big benchmark?). Well tonight, the final corrected documents--prospecti and IRB forms, alike--are in hand (one via the e-transom, the other through the front door). Both great projects, both off to very good starts. Tomorrow and Tuesday, the proper signatures will happen, and they'll be passed through chute #3 by the October 1 deadline. Congratulations to them both.

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