Wednesday, September 30, 2009

doing my part for the economy

For MP2: a new tea steeper (same as your old Teavana, just larger, microwaveable, entirely removable filter). You've got to offset it ever so slightly on the old Teavana mug. Apparently there is a ball bearing in your old one that must have come out of its place during shipping. Should be there (UPS) by Friday or Saturday at the latest.

Ik*a rug for my office. I'm redoing the place on a 50s/60s theme. Will post before and after photos soon.

"Rain Forest" Cradle swing for my niece and her daughter.

Pott*ry Barn acorns vase filler for me. Autumn is almost here!

1 comment:

academic poser said...

1) Office decorating sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the after.
2) I love the acorn vase. I might have to copy that.