Tuesday, July 21, 2009

day two

I am too tired to blog today's events in any depth, but I can say that this trip has been a big success in terms of finding what I was looking for (even if I get NOTHING in current location). Today, I spent $66.00 to have some images digitized, and another $40 in photocopy fees (and the archival staff is doing all the work for me--in fact--I've got the photocopies order with me, but am too brain dead to sort through and enjoy my finds). When I woke up this morning, I wandered a bit more around tiny gold rush town (taking a few more photos that I've posted below). Then I headed north to the location of the archives featured above. And what a gorgeous drive that was (will upload some of those images tomorrow), especially over the Pass--which is about 6700 feet up in the wondrous alpine forest. Tonight I am in yet another location (and stopped at two more along the way)--a very small little resort town that also is the ancestral homeland of one of my research subjects. I'll catch up on all this, plus some events of last week--on Friday or Saturday. Maybe.

view of the river (and my car) from my room at the Inn


participant-observer said...

Very Cute! Somehow I missed all of this in my tours of CA... guess I'll just have to come back for a visit.

academic poser said...

What a cute bridge.
http://www.qipit.com/ -a link to a site I thought might be useful.

auto ethnographer said...

ap--thanks for the link; and what a great service (for free, yet!)