Wednesday, July 22, 2009

day three

resort town lake view (north side)

One of two deer hanging out with me (yesterday evening) in
cemetery on sw side of resort-town lake. I actually made it
to two other cemeteries today--but all for naught.

Moccasins made by one of my research subjects for the
little girl who wears them in the photo below. She and
her brother and cousin are playing indian in resort town c. 1915.

I'm always telling my students that so much of fieldwork (or at least what one is able to collect in the field) is an accident of timing. Today, I'm feeling this in a very good way. In an overwhelmed way, in fact. For the small amount of funding I got for this trip, I wasn't expecting the haul I'm coming away with. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get a head start on cropping and labeling the documents, images, etc. that I reproduced today (thank god for new camera). In contrast to yesterday's fairly professional environment--today was all about a bunch of good souls with few fiscal resources, but lots of contacts and remembrances and bits of ephemera. I made some great contacts and took about 50 photographs of letters, newspaper articles, portraits, etc. And now, I need to flesh out my real fieldnotes/scribble.
nearby volcanic peak
easiest way out of this particular meadow
I've got loads more scenic photos from this trip--hopefully I'll get them uploaded this weekend.

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Loving the updates and pics. Very cool. Talk in person soon.