Friday, September 12, 2008


The weather service is scaring the liver out of me re: this latest hurricane. In particular, they are predicting that Galveston's seawall is not going to be sufficient. Wow. That is shocking. Houston is supposed to get a 90 mile p/hour wind-lashing and massive flooding in low areas. My mom doesn't live in a particularly low-lying area, but there are bayous all over the city. This is flood plain territory. My father-in-law's neighborhood has flooded before--but he and his wife both drive and can get around. My mom is going to check into a high rise hotel near her house. I cannot imagine how that's going to feel safe in these high winds. And if she's TOO high up, and the power goes out, she'll be stuck trying to climb up and down at least a couple flights of stairs. In the dark. MP2, I guess you guys may get the tail-end of this. Stay safe! I sent snacks this week that are supposed to arrive today. Wish I could have seen your performances this week.

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the cheerful pessimist said...

:sigh: A friend of mine who is from Houston says that the last evacuation was unpopular though successful - so no one is willing to order another.

I will be thinking of your mom and praying - such as my prayers are (feeble and doubting but heartfelt nevertheless).