Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, tired, and a bit freaked out

On the first front, getting this exhibit up is sucking up lots of time. Nothing new there, but that's the facts, folks, and part of the job--but deadlines always stress me out. Confirmed the reception with the caterers today--so that's done. The postcard, poster, and flyer look great. I'm enjoying working with this material and these curators, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next round of stuff (photos) come back from the printers. I hope that happens tomorrow. Meanwhile, lots more editing, formatting, printing, etc.
On the second front: tired, yes. Indeed. I am. But, both my classes went well today. Great seminar this evening--everybody added something substantive to the discussion, we met outside (I'm so sick of flourescent lights and linoleum), and we ended early (although we had a really rich discussion). Yahoo.
Freaked out: because my mom lost power in the wee hours of Saturday morning (she decided NOT to go to the hotel) and the last time I talked to her was Monday morning. Her cell phone battery died. Her neighborhood apparently won't go back on the grid till Monday. I may have to send someone over. She won't like it, though. But I have no idea how she's doing. I guess if she was really on the edge, she'd flag the mailman down and have him call 911, but then again, who knows. Certainly not me. And Crystal Beach--where one of my college girlfriends had a beachhouse and we spent nearly every summer weekend for several years--is wiped out, literally. Her house was on beach front property--a beautiful view of the ocean. Even homes five and six streets off the beach are gone. And Galveston. Wow. So sad.


MP1 said...

I'm so sad about Galveston...I'll always remember our family trips out to the beach there with the warm water and the millions of cool jellyfish...and when I left a bucket of crayons in the backseat on a hot day and they all melted into a colorful mess :-)

hope you can reach P.

the cheerful pessimist said...

hope your mom is fine!