Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Week of Mostly Laziness

On Monday, I confessed to being lazy. In truth, I was both lazy and sick. But apparently, there is something about seeing one's life in black & white text that is motivating. So here is how the rest of the week more or less panned out as far as to-do tasks:
1. On Tuesday, I wrestled the long and ridiculously expensive-to-dry-clean-drapes from the front room back onto the traverse rod. These run the entire length of the room. They are sheers and therefore lightweight, but what a project!! When they were installed, the drape people hung them and then installed a cornice right over. It is a tight fit at the ends of the cornice. After I got them re-hung, I closed the AC vent that blows on them because-at this point in time-I am committed to never taking them down again. I'll vacuum the dust off, or something...
2. On Wednesday, I got my research trip to DC all squared away. AND I convinced TH to come along. (We'll meet at DFW and fly up together). I booked a hotel that is very close to the archives and the mall. We are both excited, now, as we should be. (Now, if I can only rope him into being my research asst.--just THINK of the photocopying he could do for me. Alternatively, he could do research of his own, but I much prefer my idea since this leaves more time for museum-going).
3. On Wednesday, I also did some photocopying from one of the 5 books the library insists I return. Having had them for 2 years, I think this is an entirely legit request, but I'm probably going to have to recheck them.
4. On Thursday, I ordered books.
5. And yesterday, that was all about the iPhone. And boy was that good timing, since I was able to play with it during the hours' worth of trailers that preceded The Dark Knight. This movie is just too long. Too long. Too long. Of all the movies I've watched in the last month (300, Get Smart and TDK, I enjoyed GS the most--and yet I was just sure it was going to be really bad. Not so.) I was impressed with the technology in 300, and I think the late HL did a great job playing the Joker, but the movie? I don't know. It reminds me of sitting through a classical concert that runs 30 minutes too long. You'd have left really impressed half an hour before, but another concerto or 65 more burning cars and you're just tired and cranky and afflicted with RLS).
6. Today, I'm returning more library books (after I photocopy a few more critical pp. and I'm cleaning up this house, and my study, in particular).

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Anastasia said...

if they had hired an woman who looked like his wife in the graphic novel, I would have loved 300. or, you know, cut the whole love story angle altogether and get on with the half-naked fighting.