Friday, August 1, 2008

iPhone (almost)

After standing (fruitlessly) in long lines at the mall (over the last couple weeks) in order to purchase my very own iPhone (MP1 and The Historian already own one), I finally, at 9 am this morning, obtained a ticket to ride: (!!!)

Whee: I'm going back in about an hour to stand in line (again) with TH to purchase it. Why did I not stay in line and just buy it this morning when I was so close? Because Apple can only sell to AT&T primary account holders and that person is himself (loud sigh #45 over-iPhone-purchase-attempts over the course of the last 3 weeks). TH has to meet with his Dean at 10 am (okay that's happening right now) and so he couldn't meet me at the mall. I have to stand in line all over again, but that's okay, because this time, I hold a coveted ticket. Several times before I've been in line and after about 1.5 hrs. the salesperson charged with line-duty would come out and say things like "Gosh, we're all out now, but you can stay in line if you want because we expect a Fed-Ex shipment between 10:30 and 2 pm. Now, we don't know if there will be NO iPhones in that shipment, or 15, or 100. Maybe it'll be only computers. And we don't know when for sure the shipment will come in, but hey, it's on the truck so we know it's coming today." Whaaaat?

Okay--I should never have started that rant (and I've certainly learned to entertain myself in line by reading tomes about the BIA and taking pictures of fools like myself who got in line without a cup of coffee in hand, etc.). I guess I've already subjected many of you to this diatribe in person, so I'll just shut up now. Besides, in a few minutes, I am off again. AND, I am buying a red leather cover I hope.


participant-observer said...

ooooo! Do you have it in your grimey little paw yet?!!!!

Auto Ethnographer said...

Yes, FINALLY!!!!()@*$)#@* I went back at 10:45 and it was another 3 hour wait. Once inside the store, it goes fairly quickly, but I hadn't put anything in my stomach but coffee, so I was beginning to feel faint. But it's a great new toy. And I love it. Do you have one yet?

participant-observer said...

not yet. i am still thinkg and wondering if it is better to pay off debt or get the phone... i'm leaning toward the phone!