Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thesis editing

Well folks, that's pretty much been my entire weekend, but it was a great read (and that's all I am on this gig--1st reader), and I learned quite a few things, and I've just handed it off to the student, who then gave me this wonderful Zuni bear fetish (look at the tiny turquoise salmon--I'm telling you, the photo just doesn't do it justice).

Now, if I hadn't left M's Ansel Adams acorn and leaf ornament from Yosemite hanging on my office bulletin board, I'd being posting photos of *two* thoughtful grad student gifts acquired this past week. Now, I don't work with grad students for the presents (as it sorta sounds like), but it's very nice to get mementos like these because they remind you of Marcel Mauss (jk, people). No seriously, these small tokens of appreciation hang around your house and office and when you are feeling frustrated with life and work and GE students--who never come to class but grub for grades religiously in your office (but never during your regularly scheduled office hours--no, they need to make a special appointment)--these mementos remind you of students and collaborative ventures that turned out well. So, no more working this weekend. I've got to call my mom and work out (in that order...the first activity makes the latter seem like a cakewalk).

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