Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ship final box of clothes (will arrive Friday).
Create Course Syllabi (2), Clone Grad Course Website & Upload new articles (completed before noon today--I seem to run a morning behind on everything--but both syllabi mailed in for copying, as well).
□ Send electronic pull-slip to Nat’l Archives (tomorrow).
□ Make text revisions to AI paper, print copy out to reread and edit on plane (taking a break from this right now to watch some gymnastics, but it’s a bigger project than I thought. Of course.)
□ Fill out Travel Form (for tomorrow).
Call MM and cancel this week.
□ For Wednesday Meeting: a) ask about entry signage and postcard graphics and b) call Facilities about gallery wall repairs (tomorrow).

...and 1 more "to do" for tomorrow...
Make photocopies of several articles, check out 3 (?) additional books, grab two off my office shelf and take them all over to reserve room.

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