Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life in Late August (a list in 3 variations)

This Coming Week—or half of it anyway
Ship final box of clothes.
Create Course Syllabi, Clone Grad Course Website & Upload new articles.
Send electronic pull-slip to Nat’l Archives.
Make text revisions to AI paper, print copy out to reread and edit on plane.
Fill out Travel Form
Call MM and cancel this week.
For Wednesday Meeting: a) ask about entry signage and postcard graphics and b) call Facilities about gallery wall repairs.
Last Week—bits & pieces at least
Tuesday: Checked out library copy, &/or took personal copies of, books to place on reserve. Articles not available electronically—just a few—are still to come. Said no to someone and their project. It would really be me doing it, and them getting credit (I’m getting soooo much better at saying “no”).
Wednesday: Re-read Teddy Bear Patriarchy (I know, but it has aged SO well, and besides, she’s one of my heroes). Wrote, cooked, cleaned.
Thursday: More writing, more cooking, more writing, more cleaning, more writing, more staying up way too late to watch the Olympics.
Friday: More of the same—but finished the writing by Noon. Heard from editor by noon-thirty, so I think I am done with that, ‘cept for maybe looking over copy edits (or cutting it down to prescribed word length, which I diligently over-rode by about 80 words. It took me an hour to shave about 47 of those off—so I did try—I’m not good at editing my own stuff).
11am: Called my mom (1 hour, 48 minutes). This is going to be a loooong therapeutic post one day. Maybe.
Noon-8 pm. Wrestled 150 lbs. of clothes and bedding into Space Bags, vacuumed air out, shoved into duffles and suitcases. This is actually rather fun…never seen MP2 spend SO much time with the vacuum cleaner.
Made fake peach cobbler (for MP2’s last night home) with phyllo dough and truly, unbelievably excellent and perfectly ripe peaches from GF’s City. Thanks again GF and Aunt G.

11:45 pm: Tripped and fell over laptop cords, suitcases, etc. Sprained my left thumb in this freak show and decided to call it a night.
With MP1’s helped, hauled 2 packed-to-the-gills carloads of various and sundry stuff to Goodwill Express Donation Center. Recycled about 10 potential (but un-needed, after all) shipping boxes that were hanging around the house and garage.
Things I’ve Sent in the Last 3 Days—No Wonder I’m Tired
By American Airlines: MP2 back to Texas, w/ 3 instruments & 3 stuffed suitcases (on Sunday morning; he’s already there, safe and relatively sound--probably in a practice room, prepping for auditions).

By email: book review (on Friday--and only 6 waking-hours past my self-imposed deadline of Thursday night).
By UPS: MP2’s Dress Suit and Gym Bag (on Saturday, will arrive after 2 on Monday).
By UPS: Big box of towels and misc. stuff necessary for dorm-life (on Friday, will arrive on Wednesday).
By UPS: Box of music books (on Friday, by ground service guaranteed to arrive by Thursday).
By USPS: Car Payment. I love my Prius :)


the cheerful pessimist said...


I am wordless. I am without word. I am sans mot.

participant-observer said...

peach cobbler, real or fake, is among the best desserts ever. although it's never as good as your granny used to make. Mom's is delicious, but nowhere as good as Granny's.
MMM... salivating just thinking about it!

Auto Ethnographer said...

I need to master (okay, too strong a word--get to the advanced beginner level of) piecrust/pastry making. It's on my list of things to do when I have "free time." I guess that's retirement (depending on what these winners who are running for president manage to do for the economy. If anything.) But, yes, peach cobber, YUM!

the cheerful pessimist said...

The idea that you CAN'T master anything cookery-wise, or that you haven't, makes me giggle. Um, no. Please to be bringing over peach cobbler dish so I can lick it - since I bet it's all gone. :)