Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Year of Living Prius (ly)

As two semi-swarmy automated messages from Toyota (one from the local dealer and one from the regional corporate manager) have reminded me (not that I needed reminding), it has been a year, to date, since I purchased my Prius. Even if gas prices were not ridiculously high, I would still be in the honeymoon phase with this car. My blog gets the most google hits (by far) from "Prius+seaside+pearl," which brings up this post. So to all of you Prius googlers: buy one, you'll love the quiet engine, the gas savings, and the driving comfort you'll get in this car.


the cheerful pessimist said...

Sigh. I am trying to persuade the Beloved. I am TRYING.


Ahem. Sorry.

Auto Ethnographer said...

Well, I'd circumvent that altogether! Just go get your own--carmax probably has used ones; you can search their stock on line. Not bad interest rates either, that's where we got The Historian's latest car.

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought you promised a year's worth of gas receipt prices so we can have EVIDENCE of the savings!?

Auto Ethnographer said...

Right you are; so here are the goods*

Car has 4089 miles on it today.

Total gas costs between 9/10/07 and 6/13/08: **$306.10.

[Repeat $306.10.]

City driving costs: approx .07/mi.

*tank was full when purchased and I cannot find receipt for February and I feel certain that I filled up sometime between the January 2 and March 21 dates for which I have receipts, so I added $30.00 to the total (a fair estimate of that month's cost).

**2 impt. notes: I didn't drive much between 7/10 and late August when school started, and I've got half a tank left right now. On average, I fill up about once a month during the school year, once every month and a half when not driving to campus daily.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scoop!!!
Very very cool.
I'm jealous.

the cheerful pessimist said...
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the cheerful pessimist said...

We got the wherewithal for one car in this family right now...though I hope in a year or two to change that. Cross fingers.

(and I want a gps)

Auto Ethnographer said...

RE: wherewithalls--check out the AAA job site. I was looking at it just now and saw something right up your alley. Amazingly so in fact! But you'd be back East Coasting...

the cheerful pessimist said...

Ooh, that sounds lovely...but I think we're happy right here. I don't ever see myself going back East, save for visits to the Doting Grandparents.