Saturday, July 5, 2008

One Year On...

Today marks the first anniversary of my blog. I started it exactly one month after receiving my official tenure letter from our provost. My plan is to continue blogging bits and pieces of my personal and professional life until I go up for post-tenure review (and full professor). While I still maintain a file folder of all the official correspondence and other evidence related to my teaching, scholarship and service, it is so nice not having to crank out an updated Index (FYI: this is an annual report--or list with supporting evidence--of one's professional accomplishments) or write those god-awful reflective statements required at the start of every year while on the tenure track. I probably *should* start a running index to cover the five year period (and update it regularly), but right now, I just cannot bring myself to do it. Here's my only reflective statement for 07-08: what has most surprised me about the last year is how much more I'm doing in all areas of my professional life. I'm not sure whether this is due to pressure from the university, or from myself, or some combination thereof.

And now, in very bad blogging form, here are some entirely unrelated photos: more scenes from Carmel and surrounds...

This is where we are staying. At 7:30 am, the streets are pretty sleepy.

We headed over to Monterrey Bay Aquarium this afternoon.
I took lots of jellyfish photos. Lots.
We hadn't cruised 17-Mile-Drive in a while, so we took that route to get back to Carmel.
We had also never stopped at Pebble Beach Lodge until today. It is really amazingly beautiful. Lots of exclusive golf shopping; all lost on me. (But I did buy some jewelry and fun stuff in Carmel earlier in the day.)
I took this photograph (below) at the 18th hole, which is sort of the front yard of the Lodge. If you look at the little white strip that runs just beneath the lowest limb of the cypress tree, you can see the Carmel beach shoreline. Yesterday I posted a photo taken from that beach looking toward this very spot of the golf course.

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