Monday, May 5, 2008

Why this Friday is going to be just excellent:

MP2 comes home on Friday evening. MFW will filing her thesis with the grad office. I will be making two more batches of lemon squares with homegrown lemons: one for MP2 to dig into on Friday night (come on over MP1) and one for our end-of-the-year department picnic on Friday afternoon. (BTW, a very special museum intern *needs* to taste my lemon squares, so I hope she is going to be there--just so she can confirm that mine are far better than the university catering service's version).

It has been an *exhuasting* last two weeks (really the entire year!--so much for tenure being a more relaxing state of professorial employment). This past week was dedicated to thesis reading and editing, part-time instructor evaluations, faculty meetings, developing final exams, going to classical music concerts (Saturday night's free and amazing performance of St. Matthew Passion actually made me feel warm fuzzies for our Music Department), committee meetings and interviews for a new staff position, planning relative to the excellent news that we got our tenure line back for next fall (yay! x2), and eating out way too much, because there is nothing in this house to eat. Not to worry MP2, I'll get myself to the grocery store before Friday.

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the cheerful pessimist said...

I meant to say, I can attest to the goodness of the lemon squares.

And now I stop procrastinating. Yes.