Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road Trip

Yesterday was MP1's birthday and so we went into the City to shop and eat and hike and generally get out of town on the first official day of Spring Break (that was also well and truly her birthday). Here are a few photos that more or less chronicle the trip (in relative order).

I love these hills in the Spring; in a few months they will be golden brown.

View of Alcatraz from our lunch table at the Franciscan.

MP1 had Spicy Prawns.

Yours truly had sea bass poached in mild thai curry broth (delicious!!)

And, himself had olive oil poached halibut. (I need to think up
a better pseudonym for him...maybe I should ask him what he'd like.
TH for "the historian"? Sounds like a bad journal to me.)

On the way out, I took a few photos of their massive and really fun
celebrity gallery. See anybody you know??

Below is the cute sign for the gift shop beneath the restaurant.

After stuffing ourselves we started down the
Embarcadero to work off our lunches.
Remembering when I drove a stick shift...

Making our way toward Fort Mason, we had to weave
our way through lots and lots of crab and other seafood
street vendors. My dad loved to see these guys at work.

Kids playing in the surf behind the closed-for-renovation
(until 2009) Maritime Museum.

The view/reward after hiking up that steep hill.

View of the Golden Gate from high up in Fort Mason National Park.
More photos on another day, perhaps. It was a lovely and super relaxing trip. Today I am cleaning up the house so I can write my conference paper in relative non-clutter (you know that's all it takes to "write a paper"--an uncluttered house.) Tomorrow MP1 will be headed back to the Bay Area to go sailing with the orchestra conductor and other grad students. Speaking of grad students, I have to run in and sign a thesis prospectus tomorrow even though campus is closed for Caesar Chavez day...I hope I don't forget...

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