Saturday, March 8, 2008

Raising a Glass of Sangria to Thesis Writer

Well, I have finished reading the thesis draft (a few days late!*). But, wow, I learned a lot! One of the big rewards of advising grad students is seeing how they are able to take their seminar readings and theoretical training and run with it in their own work. Of course, not all students are able to do this, but so far, I've been pretty lucky. So, in honor of Thesis Writer's hard work, I am posting photos of Blood Orange Sangria of superbowls-past. (This was the very first time I'd used this particular recipe and it was really good, so I'm going to keep it filed away for future parties).

*I spent 6 years as an editorial assistant for a cultural anthropology (AAA) journal, so I cannot (can not!) read anything without copy-editing. From my perspective (and you can just *imagine* the students' perspectives, especially undergrad), this is both a blessing and a curse. Pet peeve du jour (repeated consistently in proceedings mss. upon which I am presently working): "1930's" when should be "1930s." Honestly, are the 1930s possessing something or are they simply plural? Think, people.


participant-observer said...

I am greatful for your editing! I already found several stupid errors, but I just wanted to get it sent off! But two weeks apart, and I'm already missing the little guy!

Auto Ethnographer said...

Well, we can cure that feeling of nostalgia! No, seriously, not much substantive writing left to do--the biggest misery will be deciphering my scribble. But, hey, you've done that before!