Saturday, March 1, 2008


I am behind schedule in that I'm still reading (and very much enjoying) the thesis that I had planned to breeze through by Friday AM (what was I thinking?), but otherwise, I am pretty much on target: got the exams graded, opened the exhibit early for a group of art history students (and ended up with an impromptu tour of fifty 7th graders from Napa), held the closing reception--which went really well I think, got all that baking done (and even saved some cookies and brownies back to send to MP2; they're going to your PO Box, btw), looked at the Nigerian artifacts (turned them down--I'm getting better at that), posted the essay question for my grad seminar, and then this morning, headed out with MGC to pick up the museum's latest acquisition (I purchased it using museum endowment funds). For some time now I've been wanting to add a few contemporary pieces to our California Indian Basketry collection (donations are always welcome!) and I thought this would be a perfect addition. It's by Chumash weaver Linda Aguilar. Don't you love it? I think it's just brilliant in every way.

"Bingo at Our House"

(FYI: the flash on my camera makes the natural horsehair look bleached in these photos, it's really more of a beige/ecru color.)


participant-observer said...

Love the Bingo baskets!
I'm glad you're very much enjoying the thesis. I will be very much enjoying Vegas for the next two days... Hopefully, I'll hit it big!

Auto Ethnographer said...

That is SO unfair!! But I'm sure you'll be reading Bourdieu or David Harvey the ENTIRE time you're there. Right?