Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where Did the Week Go?

To-Do-List (and target completion):
Organize and bake for Friday's closing reception (tomorrow night).
Finish grading exams (tomorrow night?).
Finish reading thesis and hand off to second reader (Friday AM?).
Meet art history class in museum (tomorrow AM).
Write and post essay question #1 for seminar (by Friday AM!).
Look at Nigerian books and artifacts for which we have no room (Friday at 3:30).
Do a final copy-edit of manuscripts (Tuesday night???).
Pick up new acquisition/purchase for CA Indian Basket Collection (Saturday AM).
Post a picture of it on Saturday night (it's pretty cool, I'm excited).

Done, Done, Done:
Stood my ground.
Wrote it out and sent it off across campus.
Took lots of emotional energy, but not doing it was taking more.
And really, well…enough said until June.

Also Done, but not *Nearly* so Important:
Picked up donation of Fijian stuff from professor emeritus.
Loaned Hmong photo exhibit, Guatemalan textiles, and PNG items (sculpture & penis sheath) to local CC.
Took laptop to computer doctor.
And surely there is more, but I don’t really care, because the other is done, done, done.

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